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Looking to hire a Step On Guide for 1 day bus tour escort.

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a blue Boston sky

Boston in Blue seeks to refer you  to a travel agency in needs of these services.

Position: STEP ON TOUR GUIDE  ( leave a comment if interested )

A Step On Guide is a person who will step on a  charter bus to meet and greet passengers from Maryland and take them around town to see Boston. They are interested in a Boston tour from 8 am to 3 pm. You’ll start at South Station at 8am and return to South Station on the bus by 3pm.


9/28/2015 INSERT: This ad was posted in Feb 2015. The tour just happened in September and it went very well.  The step-on guide had a ball showing the group around town and we’re looking forward to doing more of these.


Person should have a comprehensive, organic knowledge of Greater Boston, speak loud and clearly over a bus PA system and should be able to configure a tour schedule in coordination with the tour firm.

Send a brief statement of qualifications and  interest to or call 617 942-1301 to speak by phone.  Thanks!


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