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My New African-American Studies Course

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If 100,000 students paid $5 each to take an African American studies course online from a MOOC platform,  the professor would gross $500,000 minus production and administration cost. They would walk away with six figures in the clear.


The Professor

I presented this course syllabus to my amazing department chair for next year. I am not shocked by her endorsement and full support. I have spent a great deal of time doing the necessary research to make this course happen. Below is a draft proposed syllabus I presented to her; I will edit and address more specifics later about the daily approaches and readings. Because this is a full-blown seminar course, students will drive each meeting. Hence, there will be assigned discussion leaders, peer sessions, and unique focus settings empowering me in ways that my AP courses do not allow. Further, with my content knowledge and expertise in designing courses, I will be able to take students to levels they have yet to journey.

African-American Studies
Course Syllabus

Instructor: Edward Carson
History Department

Contact Information
Office: (978) 725-6300 ext. 4858 (Link building 306)

My website:

Student Recommendation:…

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