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August 18, 2015 at 9:46 pm

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Google offers non-profits up to $25,000 for working with girls and minorities.

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Google Grants

The Google RISE Awards is an annual grants program for nonprofit organizations worldwide that promote computer science education opportunities. These efforts reach K-12/pre-university students, with an emphasis on girls and minorities who have historically been underrepresented in the field.

Visit the Guidelines page to learn more about what the RISE Awards offer and who is eligible to apply.!guidelines



Massachusetts WorkForce Grants
Get up to $50,000  the  the purchase and installation of equipment to support vocational and technical training that results in attainment of superior skills for those preparing to enter the workforce.

Think software coding, technical nursing and the biomedical sciences,  manufacturing assembly, robotics, pharmaceutical lab work and things along those lines.,..

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January 9, 2016 at 2:21 pm

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Boston’s Museum of African American History installs new Executive Director

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Museum of African American History Board of Directors names Marita Rivero the new Executive Director.

Rivero succeeds Beverly Morgan-Welch, who served as the Executive Director with great distinction for 16 years. 

In November, Morgan-Welch left to become Associate Director of External Affairs at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC.

A long-time member of the MAAH board of directors and current Chair of the Board of Trustees of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Rivero has deep knowledge and experience in national museums. 

 She has served as the Museum’s Interim Executive Director since Morgan-Welch’s departure.

Marita has agreed to lead this important institution on a permanent basis. 

The board is thrilled that Marita has agreed to lead this important institution on a permanent basis. 
She brings to the role stellar business acumen, media savvy, and the passion and imagination that will  help us build on the success of nearly 50 years and propel us to have an even greater impact in the years ahead.  
“The Museum has played such an important role in opening our understanding of the present-day American story. I am excited by the prospect of furthering work linking preservation and education with civic opportunities in our democracy,” Rivero said.

The board encourages you to welcome and embrace Marita, and to continue this journey with us. 

As Beverly said in her parting words, “We have only scratched the surface of the research necessary to document and honor the traditions of our fore-parents, who first built African Meeting Houses to gather and plan community life in the 18th and 19th centuries.”  

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December 14, 2015 at 7:15 am

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5 tactics major advertisers will use to attract Latino and Hispanic consumers

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Are most Hispanic or Latino women “techies?” No they are not! Do Hispanic brands demand more of “other” brands like American Starbucks? Do they prefer English speaking American network TV channels over their Hispanic/Latino equivalent native language networks, commercials, Grammy awards shows and televised Novelas?

This writer thinks they don’t.

So maybe these items are suspect too?
What’s written below the banner are advisories for CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) given by marketing thought leaders at multinational agencies to firms the size of Metro PCS, Verizon, Evernote, Apple, etc.


1. Sponsor brands that promote Hispanic “techies” and technical bloggers.

Rebecca Castrelon, online community manager, MXM: “According to Nielsen Consumer Insights, Hispanics are the largest group using mobile devices for any type of transaction, from banking to watching movies. Additionally, Hispanics have become ‘super consumers’ of mobile marketing, making them the most desired market for telecommunication companies.

From Metro PCS to Boost Mobile and Verizon, these companies have increased their market share in order to reach this audience in 2015, a trend that will continue to grow next year, according to NAHP’s latest data, that shows that more than 49% of Hispanics are planning for change their smartphones in the next six months.”

2. Hispanic consumers will demand more from brands.

Tara Jaye Frank, VP, multicultural strategy, Hallmark Cards:Hispanic consumers will begin to demand more from products, services and experiences. Underserved consumer groups tend to ride an expectation curve of sorts when it comes to brands. At early introduction, they may be delighted to get invited to the party. Over time, they desire more: ‘Do these parties play the music I like? Serve the food I eat? Speak my preferred language?’ The faster the Hispanic population grows, the less satisfied they’ll be with a ‘nod,’ which is what some brand strategies and marketing campaigns currently deliver. What they really want — and will come to expect, no doubt — is a full embrace.

“Relationships are everything to this consumer, and relationships are impossible to establish without understanding, respect, and reciprocity. Brands will have to stop asking how they can toss Hispanics (or any other targeted population) a proverbial bone. Instead, they’ll want to welcome Hispanics to the table, and not only as guests … but as partners in building the future.”

3. Mobile data will allow for better targeting and tailoring of messages to Hispanic audiences.

insert [ this is true, but a lot of CTR hovering below  1.00%, maybe they will get to 1% with this capability. “FollowMe ads” are stupid unless the user wants a reminder and opted in to be followed. ]

Jordan Green, principal at Mella Media:Mobile will continue to dramatically improve the blunt instrument of Hispanic marketing in 2016. With better actionable data and targeting, mobile advertisers can begin to truly carve up the Hispanic audience into appropriate sub-groups, and tailor messages to evoke better results. So the Dominican market in New York can be addressed differently than Mexican audiences in communities throughout the U.S.  Reliance on geography, content or language as primary drivers is over. We will be able to reach the targeted consumer behind the device. As Hispanic audiences tend to use the mobile phone as a primary Internet device more than the average consumer, they also provide back significantly more data. Converting those pieces into usable insights will be critical in 2016, and its subsequent targeting will finally enable marketers to reach the multiple micro-Hispanic audiences they have craved.”

4. Shift from big data to effective data when targeting Hispanic consumers.

Deigo Figueroa, SVP, director of strategy and participation, Lapis USA:While in the past two years the concept of big data has trickled its way into Hispanic marketing forums and conversations, 2016 will see a more developed understanding and application of the mobile data tools and resources amongst the most mobile-forward demographic. With not only more, but also better and more detailed information, an increase of the marketing dollars allocated to mobile for the segment is imminent.

The challenge in this new context will be to translate the increased interest and investment into better, fine-tuned programs based on the segment’s behavior and detailed contextual information that at the same time will allow marketers to get comprehensive data and better measurement indicators that so far have been the Achilles heel in Hispanic marketing.”

5. Online video is the most effective medium for Hispanic content.

my guess [ I think this is age specific, probably more like 14-34]

Maria Goycoolea, social engagement supervisor, MXM:Hispanics spend most of their leisure time at home consuming content. Aside from broadcast TV, Hispanics Millennials — who we all know are one of the predominant cohorts among Hispanics — are more likely to also utilize online video sources or streaming services for content consumption. Nielsen also states that ‘Latinos stream 6 hours and 15 minutes of online video per month, 60% more than non-Hispanic users.’ To remain being relevant and win U.S. Hispanics, marketers and brands will put more emphasis on video content specifically targeted to and designed for Hispanics.”


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December 9, 2015 at 6:45 am

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Help send Youth Footballers from Dorchester, Mattapan and Roxbury to championship turf.

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Youth football and cheer team needs community immediate support or dreams would be dashed.
Boston, MA – The Boston Raiders Mitey Mites have been invited to play in the National Pop Warner Baby Bowl at Disney Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, FL, December 4 – 6, 2015.

They are the first Mitey Mite team from Massachusetts to ever to play in the prestigious game. The Mitey Mites are 2015 Central Mass Baby Bowl Champions; their ages range from 7-9 years old.

The Boston Raiders Mitey Mites have amassed in the past for four seasons, three consecutive undefeated seasons and four conference titles.

This story is about young people from Boston being recognized for their hard work and talents, and not the negative imagery that is seen in the news.

The team is looking for sponsors to help defray some of the cost of the trip. All the players and cheerleaders come from Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan, an area of the city that has not recovered from the recession with over 25% unemployment, and 51% of the households are headed by single parents.

But these families have found a way not to let it affect their child(ren) ability to play sports to provide a sense of normalcy.

The team is looking for small and large businesses and individuals to help support the ambitions of these young to give that famous reply that all champions give, “Where are you going? I’m going to Disney!”

If you would like to provide financial support to the team or more information, please contact William Watkins, President at 617-858-1410.


Boston Raiders Youth Football & Cheer Pop Warner Little Scholars was formally the Roxbury Raiders established by the legendary brothers of Harry and Dennis Wilson in 1974.
The program in its 40-year history has mentored and coached over 5,000 young men and women, over 30 local and state titles combined and the most winningest youth football record of over 350 wins and counting.

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November 27, 2015 at 3:33 pm

Houses are selling on the market. Takes some smarts to get a good deal.

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We’re seeing most Boston area single family houses on sale last from 29-45 days  on average until the For Sale Sign becomes a “Sale Pending” Sign. Many homes for sale are located on traffic heavy avenues and street intersections which suggests that better located homes cost a lot more or simply aren’t that available.  

Perhaps people tired of the traffic noise and associated problems are ditching those poorly located houses

A plethora of renter tenants are being stressed out over rent increases, landlord foreclosures, poorly managed properties and the lack of time to find a better deal.

A remarkable number of moderate to middle income priced apartments are always available. 

But in some locations offering market rate units, your applications have to compete against others. 

This  may be where rankings like FICO score, employer and income become more important selection factors but it’s not obvious what method a commercial rate rentor uses to judge a potential renter in these competitive situations. 

Certainly when your household income is 3x or more than the rent being charged, it helps.

Credit Reports are an issue though. There are 2,000 paralegals working on crecut tepirt problens a Lexington Law– consumer advisory service we Endorse.
Call them up.
Dial 1-866-348-8440
Provide the Referral ID #19369. 

You ve given credit report. a smell test anslysus of whether it can be improved as is, and help battling disputes you have. Rates are $13 – $99 flat rate month to month at will. tge liw end covers monitoring after the high ebd eork begans.billed by yhe month that you csn stop or start when you want work done.

At the new Oxford Ping On Apartment building opening in Chinatown in December, of 67 total units in various sizes,  48 must go to those making between $20,000 and $59,000 income. 
The rest will be rented at market rates of  over $2,000+/mo depending on room sizes. There are over 500 applicants for all of it. Yhe deadline to apply is December 16.

( An affordable apartment rental lottery deadline is not to be missed. 

Here’s where we post applications. ) 

We’re seeing fast turnover trending  in the suburbs. It is not clear how hot the triple decker market is in the heavily populated neighborhoods of Dorchester where they rein tall side by side with barely 10 feet between them. 

This ears some very big and old units. Must be monsters to maintain and hear. Solar panels seem to be showing up everywhere.

Up a steep hill near a hospital in Dorchester up above Washington St Uphrams Corner are a multitude of huge triple deckers. Most converted from owner occupied house to triple condo during the mid 2000s. 

An owner bought two of them ready to use side by side in the 02125 zip code area for  $125k each in the 90s. 

A condo conversion wave kicked in mid 2000. Asking prices rose as high as $700k for just one of them, then boom–  values substantially dropped in 2007-2010. Now those two deckers are six condos sold in the  $255-$325,000 range.

But why are so many of the affordable priced Olmstead Homes Development two and three family houses still sitting unsold? 

People say they weren’t built very well? At least that’s the rumour on the street but what does that mean,

One would think any of the $230,000 brand new Olmstead Green houses are better deals than the shiny new tiny small 2- Bedroom rental units in new developments like the Urban Edge  penned Jackson Square rental building property.

Renters in Dorchester’s Adams Village ain’t going for the price hike hits.  A lady told us her landlord is moving up rent to $1590.00 a month from $1,400ish over there in and  “she ain’t paying that” she said and is considering Olmstead Green now that she knows where it is.

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November 25, 2015 at 11:05 am

OPEN Call to Boycott Roxbury Community College 12/10 event to effect  Kwanzaa Celebration Dispute.

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A Call for the Afrikan/Black Community to BOYCOTT the Fraud Kwanzaa Celebration At Roxbury Community College on December 10th– 11th 2015
a copy left distribution by as written

The Community Kwanzaa Committee/Boston (CKC/Boston), [ins]  a program of the Black Community Information Center Inc.,  is preparing for its 40th anniversary with this year’s celebration.

The committee is comprised of approximately 22 organizations.  Examples would be the NAACP/Boston, National Assoc. Black Social Workers/Boston, Mass. Black/Latino Caucus, Muhammad’s Mosque #11, Roxbury Community College and many others.

Unfortunately CKC/Boston ran into difficulty with the pioneer member, Roxbury Community College (RCC).

It seems the current president Dr. Valerie Roberson of RCC is determined to have the Kwanzaa Celebration removed from our campus for good.

It began with the 2013-2014 celebration wherein she abruptly declared the campus would not be available for Kwanzaa “due to construction workbeing done.”

This in spite of no obvious construction work being done. The celebration for that year was moved to another site with the expectation of it returning for 2015-2016 despite our suspicions of something not being right.

[ sysop note: this post was made with an IPhone  WPwidget upload app copied from a forwarded email. Text formatting shown may not be same as author intended. ]

Our suspicions have been confirmed as Dr.Roberson has once again declared our college off limits for Kwanzaa 2015-2016 during that week due to alleged “construction work being done.”  However it was discovered that large track meets are scheduled for the Reggie Lewis Center on December 19, 20, 27, 30, 2015.  Therefore it would appear that our college facility will be open to hundreds of SUBURBAN visitors while the very community it is mandated to serve is being denied access.

This is clearly a case of untruths and deceit by the Roberson administration. Since the revelation of the deceit, Dr. Roberson refused to speak and defend her questionable actions at a recent November 17, 2015, Roxbury Community College board of trustees meeting that was held in the college administration building. To add insult to injury she is now trying to give the appearance of being pro Kwanzaa while sponsoring a so-called celebration on the campus on December 10th and 11th2015.

We are not fooled by apparent act of trickery as her administration proclaims this will be an “opportunity for the staff, faculty, students and community to come together and celebrate our culture.”

Well that is what the Community Kwanzaa Committee has been doing for the past 39 years, but Dr. Roberson and her administration have chosen to abandon our long standing Kwanzaa Celebration family here in Boston. It seems their strategy is to remove the celebration at the college and gradually dismantle and phase it out completely. By this plan of action we are looking at what seems to be a scheme of manipulation with an attempt to deliberately make a move to desecrate our sacred Kwanzaa Celebration on our campus of Roxbury Community College. We must not allow that to happen and return it to its rightful place on December 31st. The community must send a strong message of protest and let the Roberson administration understand we are aware of their deceptive plot.

In the spirit of the Community Kwanzaa Committee, this is a call for the community to”make a stand of protest” by “BOYCOTTING the December 10, 11 ,2015 fiasco being described as Kwanzaa on these dates.

The committee will be convening the regularly scheduled and legitimate celebration as has happened for the now past 39 years and approaching 40 years on December 31, 2015 at a temporary location.

The full Kwanzaa schedule will be released during the first week of December, 2015 and include details for all the celebrations from December 26, 2015 through January 1, 2016. To the Roberson administration we offer you a path of redemption with the option to return to the Community Kwanzaa family on December 31, 2015.

This can be done by getting right with Boston’s Community Kwanzaa history and having your proposed program on December 31st date with your guest as featured speaker.

In addition have a document produced that makes the Kwanzaa Celebration and “Malcolm X Breakfast” part of the institutional infrastructure of Roxbury Community College with an annual budget.

To the community it appears that on December 10th and 11th 2015 we must BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT what appears to be a deliberate attempt to replace and prevent the continuation of the annual and historic Community Kwanzaa celebration at RCC on December 31st.

In addition we must call Dr. Roberson in her office (617-541-5301) and make the demand that she return the campus celebration to its rightful place with the Community Kwanzaa family.

Sadiki Kambon, Advisor
Community Kwanzaa Committee
Director,Black Community Information Center Inc.

The Volunteer Leaders & Staff at BCIC
The Black Community Information Center, Inc.
516 Warren Street
Roxbury, MA 02121
Phone 617.427.2522


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November 24, 2015 at 3:00 pm

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Tom Brady, race, Russia and politics: Why the new media, cum social media #fails at covering stories objectively.

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Statue of Liberty smallFiftieth Reunion Report

I saw my second family and growing-up boy in Ukraine in 2012, 2013 and 2014 and shall be back for my 23rd visit in January, 2016.

In the 45th report I boasted of publishing Politicus #1,074, which would date the drafting to March, 2011. I have just published #1,341. Many were written primarily for The Duxbury Clipper, where I went to work in November, 2011. My current salary is 40% of what I was making at The Providence Journal 12 years ago.

I am grateful. While it is painful to no longer have a steady forum for my views of the wide world, writing for a town of 16,000 has been good for my journalism. In a small town one can’t forget one is writing about fellow human beings. Disagreement today mustn’t become personal lest it prevent working together tomorrow. Had I better understood this when I was slam-banging governors and statesmen I’d have been a better journalist and person.

I joke that I am like FBI agent Herbert J. Philbrick in the 1950’s t.v. thriller, “I Led Three Lives.” There is my renewed life in Duxbury, which began as a summer place before I was born. There are my loves in, and love for, Ukraine. There is my life in Jamaica Plain — the varyingly minority, varyingly poor and rich Boston neighborhood where I have lived cheek by jowl with the manipulated and forgotten for 42 years.

In the 45th Report I noted that in 1986 I exposed the fact that the late Boston City Councillor Albert O’Neill was a member — a lifelong supporter it turned out — of a Missouri-based white-supremacist group. My report was picked up by responsible media and played a possibly decisive role in O’Neill’s not being elected sheriff of Suffolk County, which includes Boston.

But that was a generation ago. On January 15, 2013, I published a detailed story about bus stops at two Boston hospitals 6,600 feet apart. If I may quote: “…[T]he stop at Faulkner Hospital has good lighting, a sturdy shelter, a manual stoplight and a handicapped way crossing Centre Street to the inbound shelter.

“…[T]he stop at Lemuel Shattuck [state] Hospital, which serves the relied-upon buses to Ashmont and Mattapan, has poor lighting and no curb cut. …[T]he only indication it is a bus stop at all is worn grass in summer and icy footprints in winter from dangerous efforts by the Shattuck’s workers and patients to navigate the granite curbs of the center strip in the middle of the highway.”

These findings were sent to (among others) the responsible state officials, the elected officials representing the two stops, and every member of The Boston Globe’s editorial board. When no one bit I published an update with color pictures on August 28, 2013. The initial release on Martin Luther King’s birthday was coincidental; the update, sent on the 50th anniversary of the march on Washington, was so intended.

More than two years later the Shattuck’s stop remains an impending fatal accident ignored. The home of the owner of both The Boston Globe and the Boston Red Sox is 11,088 feet away. This will not do.

The coverage Tom Brady’s allegedly deflated footballs was proof enough to me that, from race to Russia to politics, the new media, cum social media, are not capable of covering any story objectively and without self-promotion.

The Globe’s editorial pages were once more important to the exchange of ideas in Greater Boston than any of our great universities. These pages were recently decimated, their best writers sent packing. There is little to replace them. This will not do.

I occasionally bump into Fred Glimp, who signed our admission to Harvard in 1962. I tell him that I was his only mistake in 45 years at Harvard. But in addition to friends who came to Harvard with me from Noble & Greenough, three I met made Harvard worthwhile: Deszo Nicholas de Thold, ’64; our First Marshall, Barry Lawson Williams, ’66; and the sweet Sydney Lieberman, ’66, who died on May 12, 2015.

–David A. Mittell, Jr.

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October 24, 2015 at 3:02 pm

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